Industry Integration

At JAGSOM, industry engagement is an integral part of learning pedagogy.

Apart from organizing Corporate Mentorship Sessions & assigning Corporate Mentors for our students, the School continuously enables students to connect with the corporate world throughout their lifecycle in the institute, till they enter the corporate world. This is activated through a number of interventions during the full duration of the programs. We call it JAGSOM’s ‘Wheel of Corporate Engagement’.

Here are some of the key Corporate Engagement initiatives at JAGSOM :

Industry Guest Sessions

The School continuously organizes insightful sessions-masterclasses, workshops and webinars- with the corporate world, across diverse industry sectors. The supplements the classroom learning with a real-world perspective.

Corporate Mentoring

The Corporate Mentorship Program is about corporate mentors guiding students through their journey at JAGSOM.

The key objectives of the program are:

  • Clarity of purpose in students’ personal and career goals.
  • Understanding of their innate strengths and shortcomings.
  • Defining and developing requisite competencies and skill set.
  • Developing a clear path to achieve the goal.
  • Setting up milestones on the path to the goal.

The School also organises mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews (GDPI), conducted by the corporate mentors, to help students understand corporate expectations and clarify their conjectures through a formal (mock) selection process.

We are proud to be associated with 137 mentors from around 115 Companies over the past 5 years.

Request for Problems (RFPs)

The Career Track Focus for PGDM students integrates a unique pedagogy of ‘Learning by Solving’ where our students work in groups on the problems of corporates, which are sourced as RFPs.

Projects through Request for Problems (RFPs) is a mechanism to seek real life business challenges from our industry partners which their own participating executive can solve, as part of the study-group. The problems could be from FinTech, MarTech or Analytics Domains.

Career Track Focus Process and RFPs

In 2020, student groups worked and completed 15 ‘RFP’ Projects across 10 companies in new age areas like FinTech and MarTech. Here is a snapshot of some projects.

MarTech Projects

FinTech Projects

How to join?

Organisations desirous of joining this programme can write to:


Confluence is JAGSOM’s quarterly industry conference, which is conducted to bring together academia and industry to collaborate and work together.

The 6th edition - Confluence 2019 concluded with Dr. A. Parasuraman, James W. McLamore Chair & Professor of Marketing at University of Miami, launching the first Index of Service Excellence in India (iSEI) and Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University, Atlanta unveiling the ‘JAGSOM-AIM Parasuraman Centre of Service Excellence’ at Hotel Taj Vivanta, MG Road, Bengaluru on 26, July 2019.

A number of eminent academicians and professionals from Industry attended the event and participated in panel discussions and brainstorming.

NHRDN – IFIM Industry 4.0 Survey 2019

Post the AACSB Accreditation the School took up the new positioning of ‘Beyond Tomorrow’.

To deliver on this and create continuously employable professionals, the School after much deliberation decided to position itself as a teaching focussed international business school that aims to nurture students for the needs of the Industry ‘Beyond Tomorrow.’

To identify the needs of Industry 4.0, a structured survey was conducted with senior practitioners, followed by round table discussions in association with the National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN).

An exhaustive study was undertaken to reach out to 292 industry executives and three round table discussions in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi were organized, in which 43 senior executives and 18 CXOs participated, in order to identify the unmet needs of the industry and the skills required for Industry 4.0.

The study revealed the following ten India specific Industry 4.0 needs:

  • Learning Orientation and Analytical Mindset
  • Integration of Data, Communication and Technology
  • Solution Orientation and Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Change and Uncertainty
  • People and Team Orientation
  • Innovation and Creativity - Entrepreneurial Orientation
  • Social Sensitivity and Cross-cultural Orientation
  • Managing Self (Self-awareness, Self-development including Wellness)
  • Business Orientation - Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Globalization

Learnings from the study were incorporated in JAGSOM’s curriculum design in the form of Learning Goals, Objectives and Competencies for the portfolio of programs.

Executive Education & Consulting

JAGSOM offers both open and customised Management Development Programs (MDPs) of varying duration. These programs address contemporary issues and challenges faced by industry professionals across domains. Participants of these programs receive JAGSOM alumni status. A few of the popular MDPs are:

  • General Management and Leadership Skills
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Service Process Quality and Productivity
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Security Analysis and Investment Management
  • Branding 4.0: New Mantras of Brand Marketing

In addition, Short Term Certificate Programs for Executives are also offered in the following areas :

  • Post Graduate Certificate in General Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Sales and Marketing
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Fintech and Financial Markets
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Business and Analytics.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Market Regulation and Competition Law
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Communication Design Management

JAGSOM faculty also provide Consulting Services to start-ups and companies in the domains Sales & Services, Branding, Business Analytics, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, to name a few.