Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Our Industry Internship Program provides a transitioning bridge to our students from Theory to Practice: Classroom to Corporate journey. This also provides a runway to Final Placement.

The overall objective of the IIP is to provide a ‘transitioning bridge’ between theory and practice for students by enabling them to ‘Learn by Doing’. The IIP is also a Capstone Program aligned to the Mission of the School. The General Learning Goals (GLGs) and their specific Learning Objectives (LOs) are inbuilt into the evaluation process as measurable goals to track students’ performance over the tenure of internship.

This four-and-a-half month long IIP is placed in the last term of the PGDM program. This program is also mentored by both the faculty and industry mentor, resulting in an engagement at the intersection of academics and practice.

JAGSOM students are more often offered pre-placement offers by the companies they interned with, for their performance during the Internship. JAGSOM enjoys 100% IIP placement year on year, with all the marquee brands visiting the campus.

The IIP program won the silver award under the category ‘Effective Industry-Institute Engagement’ at the Indian Management Conclave (IMC), 2013.

Some of the highlights of the Industry Internship program in the past year :

  • No of companies participating, increased from 69 to 116
  • Number of new companies added, increased from 30 to 60
  • IIP to Final Placement conversions, improved from 48% to 62%
  • Highest stipend improved from 69K to 81K Rupees
  • Positive feedback from the companies.

The graduating class of 2020 did their internship in 116 companies across major sectors like IT Consulting, EdTech, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, NBFC, Advertising & Media and Fintech.

IIP Data- Graduating Class of 2020